Our services

We are all sportsmen and women and have expertise and many sports and can give advice on all our sports equipment and the services we offer.

Our range of equipment ranges from:

Rackets and bats, Shoes, boots and footwear, Clothing, Balls, Hats, Training aids, Accessories, Bags & luggage, Pads and protection, Eyewear & sunglasses, Gloves, Swimwear, Holiday wear and games, Specialist sports equipment for different sports and garden games and pastimes.

We offer 15% discount on a range of sports goods for all Bucks afilliated Tennis clubs, please bring membership card. This does not include stringing.


We are professional racket re-stringers for Tennis, Badminton, squash and racketball, we can build-up or re-grip rackets, cricket bats and hockey sticks etc.

We also have a mobile display set up when we visit clubs and associations for their open days or special events where an onsite shop, advice or stringing service is required.

Ask for details.


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